To all the bars, festivals, fairs, casinos, backyards, barns, garages, basements, town squares, weddings and especially all of the wonderful people who we are truly honored to have performed for, all of us in Southern Tradition would like to take a bow and say a heartfelt goodbye… and greet you with an exciting hello!
Let us explain:
In 2008, Southern Tradition was created by young men with a dream, a dream to melt faces with high octane Southern Rock and heart string-a-pulling Classic and Outlaw Country. We chose the name Southern Tradition and it was a good fit. This original vision of the band had been realized many times over, and it's been one heck of a ride, with over 350 live shows at every major club, festival, and event in our region.  

But the time has come to put the original concept of Southern Tradition to rest. The past year has been one of transition and breakthrough for the band as we have grown into the explosive group we are now. With gears shifting and the pedal to the metal, we are approaching our next destination!  

We have a new vision, even more ambitious than the original. You'll find us performing a more modern blend of Country, Pop, and Rock. We will still have some of the favorites everyone loves from us, but be assured of one thing; we are here to bring you the Party!  In addition to performing the hits you love, we'll also be creating our own original songs. The new music created by us will no doubt be influenced by all the wild experiences we have been through in performing music for the best fans in the world.  We invite you to hop in and go along for the ride!


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